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Gentle and safe for all skin types, this bar is infused with hand brewed black tea to heal blemishes and delay aging of the skin. A unique formulation with subtle notes of bergamot, lime, black tea leaves, cucumber, amber, and musk. Blended with skin-loving clays and detoxifying activated charcoal. 


Designed to modify over time, the terrazzo slowly reveals new patterns and motifs after each wash. Since we do not use any synthetic preservatives, extend the life of your bar by keeping it dry after each use in a well drained soap dish.


As our soaps are made in small limited batches, products may show slight variance from photos due to the artisanal handmade nature. 

Ondo: Bergamot & Black Tea Terrazzo Soap

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$18.00Sale Price
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Ondo (온도) pronounced like 'own-doe' means 'temperature' in the Korean language. Ondo was founded in 2021 by Hana, a Korean American footwear designer from Philadelphia and New York. We are committed to producing ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly products. Our soaps are made with mineral rich clays, sustainably harvested oils and butters and various other natural botanicals. We never use any kind of toxic chemicals, phthalates, sulfates or any endocrine disrupting ingredients.

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