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Tencha is rarely sold in Japan and is usually reserved for matcha production, which makes this tea extra special. Each year, the newest leaf shoots are harvested from tea bushes that are shaded from the sun to allow for a sweeter umami flavor to develop. These new leaf shoots are considered to be the finest quality and are the most desirable. After harvest, the leaves are de-stemmed and de-veined to leave behind only the freshest part of the leaf for drying. Enjoy this delicate tea hot or iced. You can also eat the spinach-like tea leaves after you are done steeping it! Megumi Hori recommends eating the steeped tencha on top of rice with a pinch of salt and/or adding soy sauce and bonito flakes. Great on salads too.


Packaging size: 45g


Tasting Notes

Delicate, Vegetal, Umami


Feature Flora: Tencha

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Founded by Deana Nguyen, Feature Flora is a botanical design studio and an online shop located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Kiroku Tea Garden is a 4th generation women-owned tea farm in Wazuka, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. A total of 26 tea fields are lovingly tended by Megumi Hori, her sister Hiroe, and their mother Yoko. After Megumi’s father passed away several years ago, Megumi returned to Wazuka to help her mother continue the near-century-long family legacy. 

The Hori family processes their own tea and matcha in-house and are passionate about revitalizing the tea industry in Japan. By experimenting with rare cultivars and creating unique single-origin teas, they hope to reignite people’s appreciation of the beauty and complexity of high-quality Japanese tea.

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